Do you think you'd like to pattern test for In the Folds? 

Have a read of the questions below and then fill out the questionnaire underneath.

What is a pattern tester?

A pattern tester is someone who tests out a sewing pattern before it hits the market. This provides a chance to have many sets of scrupulous eyes looking over the pattern and instructions, as well as an opportunity to see how it fits a range of different body shapes.

What do I get out of this?

You get a free copy of my pattern to test, and then an updated version (with any changes / modifications from the testing process) when the pattern is released. You also get a massive virtual high-five and a cocktail if we ever meet in person!

Do I have to have a blog to be a tester?

No you don't! I am more than happy to have testers that aren't active on social media. If you do have a blog, I would for you to publish photos of your make, as long as it is after the release date of the pattern - and you are under no obligation to do this. 

What skill level do I need to be at to pattern test for In the Folds?

Any level is fine by me. I need testers with a broad range of skill levels, so that I know my patterns are ready to face the sewing world, which is very diverse! 

What if my measurements range between multiple sizes?

This is totally normal! I am happy for you to grade between several sizes. Just let me know what you did when you send through feedback.

How will I know if I get chosen?

You will receive an email outlining how everything works and a digital copy of the pattern and instructions, so you can get started.

If I'm chosen to test, how long will I get to make the pattern?

You will get two weeks to make the garment and submit feedback. If something unforeseeable comes up within the testing period.

Pattern Tester Application Form

At what level would you rate your sewing skills? *
Don't worry about what level you're at. I need testers of all levels!
What skills do you feel comfortable performing? *
This will just give me an idea of whether or not this project is suitable for you. You will have instructions, so you don't need to know how to do them off by heart!
It isn't a problem if your measurements range between sizes.
Please include a link to your blog, or Pinterest board, flickr, Facebook or wherever you have some photos.
I understand that sometimes something unforeseeable comes up. If this is the case, let me know as soon as you can so that I can find another tester.
I will not exclude testers who do not feel comfortable with me using their photos. I would just like to ask for permission in advance.
I am interested in hosting an event in Sydney for a group of testers sometime in the future, so would love to know who is based here!
Name *

Thank you so much for applying to pattern test!